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History and background

Gotlieb Daimler  and Carl Benz, the founders of the company, made history in 1886 when they invented the automobile. Today, as a pioneer in the field of automotive technology, our company is motivated and obliged to shape the future of mobility safely and sustainably. Our focus lies not only on innovative and green technologies, but also on safe and out-of-the-ordinary cars with timeless appeal. We consistently invest in developing efficient drive systems, ranging from high-tech internal combustion engines to hybrid vehicles to purely electric drives based on batteries or fuel cells. The aim is achieving zero emissions in the long term. Furthermore, we work continuously on intelligent connectivity for our vehicles, on autonomous driving and on new mobility concepts. After all, our company sees it as its duty to embrace the responsibility it has towards society and the environment.

Mercedes Benz Group sells its vehicles and services in almost every country in the world and has production sites in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. With the Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Mercedes Benz Group Mobility AG divisions, Mercedes Benz Group is one of the largest suppliers of premium vans and passenger cars.  Mercedes Benz Group Financial Services offers financing, leasing, fleet management and investment products; it also acts as a credit card and insurance broker and provides innovative mobility services.


The world is changing. The question is: How will we contribute to the changing world? There are four future-looking areas that will have a drastic effect on mobility: increased vehicle connectivity, progress in automated and autonomous driving, the development of digital mobility and transport services, and electric mobility. Our ambition is clear: We want to remain a leading vehicle manufacturer and at the same time become a leading provider of mobility services. And in every strategic initiative of ours, the customer always comes first. This means that now and in the future, we can only be as successful as the products and services we have on the market.

With five closely related aspects as the source of our inspiration, we are pushing through the biggest change in our company’s history today: our 5C strategy. We:

  • strengthen our general core activities (CORE)
  • take a leading position in new areas (CASE)
  • adapt our corporate culture (CULTURE) and
  • strengthen our corporate structure (COMPANY).

Each of these strategic aspects relates back to our fifth and most important C: our CUSTOMERS.

Based on these five strategic elements, we aim to achieve profitable growth, increase the value of our company and shape the future of mobility.

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