Products, customer expectations, and our work environments are all changing. We are working on more projects and many of them virtually and digitally. We are marketing and communicating differently and we offer a variety of new products in different markets. Nowadays, employees have different expectations from their employers compared to previous generations. We are transforming from an automobile manufacturer to a mobility service provider. This means that we are becoming even more global which makes it possible for us to develop expertise in fields which are outside of our current core competence. We are prepared for the change, with a well-defined strategy which will significantly transform our organization. Our goal: to create a collaborative team culture which ensures our continued success.

We are always learning from and connecting with each other. To ensure our continued success we need ambitious people to help shape the future of Mercedes-Benz. People are our main assets. We believe that personal growth leads to organizational growth. Therefore, we invest in our people by giving them opportunities to rise above themselves.